The Story so far

Logan Murray is a singer songwriter living in Elm Tree, Ontario. He was born in Kingston, Ontario and lived for short periods of time on Wolfe Island ON, in Toronto ON and near Goodwood ON. During the mid 80's he was owner of the Terrapin Tavern, a music venue in Kingston known for presenting everything from classical to rock music. Many of Canada's great musicians played the Terrapin as well as a who's who of international blues musicians.


He has worked as a boiler maker, carpenter, donut maker, union organizer, cabinet maker, lumberjack, municipal Politician, recordist, soundman, musician and general all around shite-disturber. He prefers the latter. He writes in many styles: rock, country, blues and folk, but prefers to call his songs roots music. He says: " Every thing I do comes from influences of simple music rooted in the experience of working people


He has took a break from shite-disturbing to record the album Ninety Five Acres with musicians from all over the world, in 2016 and now in 2019 he has released the new CD Barricades. Barricades was recorded  locally at Studio 11 Productions, in Peterborough Ont. and at Logan's studio, Noendahwire in Elm Tree Ont, with the Spoon Lickers.

The Spoon Lickers are: Pat Temple on bass, Bryan Landry on drums, The Handsome Liar, Wayne O'Connor on guitar and Logan Murray on vocals, guitar and Harp. Murray calls Barricades a new sub genre of the blues "bush hippie blues". not quite Delta, not quite Chicago, not quite Texas, but rockin' blues born on the bedrock of the Canadian shield.

 Much of the music on Ninety Five Acres was recorded in studios around North America and beyond and sent back electronically to be mixed at Murray's own studio. Local musicians were involved as well and that's why the band credit on the record is 'Logan Murray and the International Band(Its).

   " The result is an album with a lot of variety, as the songs were written over a long time and Murray is not bound by genres. The music is all high-tempo; it rocks quite a bit, and the lyrics often a turn of phrase that surprises."  --Frontenac News.

  "There are echoes of early Rolling Stones blues songs. Bob Dylan and the Band and even Lynyrd Skynyrd  in Ninety Five Acres. Murray's voice has a gravelly sweetness that works for the styles of music on the album" - Frontenac News                                                                                         


Logan at work

Logan at work